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Is debit card payment secure?

Debit card transactions on are 100% safe and protected by SSL encryption. They cannot be intercepted nor modified. Transactions are managed by Ingenico©, world leader in online payment. When you are in a secure online area, your browser will display a small padlock symbol.
When you input your bank details, you enter a secure area and communicate directly with the Ingénico© payment server.
“le vélo” does not see your card number, neither are your details stored on our server. After the transaction, and prior to returning you to, Ingénico© gives you a summary of your details and whether your transaction was approved or not.

Why do you take a deposit?

The customer undertakes a duty every time they hire a bike. Should the bike be lost due to negligent return, or should damage be caused by the user, the user may lose whole or part of their deposit. The deposit must be available throughout the subscription period. Should your debit card expire during your subscription period,” le vélo” will email you 30 days prior to expiry of your card. You must log in and update your details by clicking on “change my card details”. Should you fail to do so, you will be unable to use the service.

If I move, can I use the system in another city?

Each city manages its own bike service independently. As such, you cannot use your “le vélo” subscription to hire a bike in another city.

How do I renew my annual subscription?

One month prior to its expiry, you can renew your subscription by logging on to, clicking on “my account” and then “re-subscribe”.

Can I renew my subscription automatically?

For maximum simplicity, you have the option to tick the box that says “activate automatic re-subscription” when you complete your initial subscription.
Easy: Your subscription is automatically renewed, payment is secure and taken from your debit card* supplied during your initial registration. No interruptions to your subscription.
Save time: Re-subscribing is easy. You’ll receive an email a month in advance explaining how much you will be charged and when.
Total freedom: You may deactivate this option at any time, up to 3 days prior to subscription renewal. Simply click on “my account” at

Does my parental permission need to be renewed each year?

Parental permission is valid for a year. When your subscription is renewed, you must renew your parental permission.

How do I access my account?

Go to the welcome page. Click on “my account”. Input your surname, ID number (shown on your paperwork or “le vélo” card), and pin number, generated when you registered.

What should I do if my “le vélo” card or my Tranpass card is stolen?

You must tell us as soon as possible, using an interactive point or by calling 01 30 79 29 13. Your card and account will be locked, preventing fraudulent use. In such cases, we only lock your “le vélo” account, so we recommend you report the theft/loss to the RTM.
When calling the customer service, ask for a new “le vélo” card. Your new card will cost €5, unless your old one was more than 3 years old.

How do I add credit to my account?

There are two ways to top up your account:
• Using a debit card, at
• By cheque to the following address :
Service Abonnement le vélo
TSA 10004
78378 Plaisir Cedex

Can I hire several bikes at the same time?

Annual subscriptions and tickets are strictly non-transferrable. Therefore, you may only hire one bike per subscription or ticket.