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Can I reserve a bike?

Reserving a bike in advance goes against the principle of self-service. You can, however, buy your 7-day ticket online or from your smartphone, up to 2 weeks in advance.

Can I lend my subscription card or ticket to a friend?

Annual subscriptions and tickets are strictly non-transferrable. You alone are responsible for a bike hired using your ticket or subscription. When you purchase an annual subscription or ticket, you agree to the general terms and conditions, and agree not to lend your ticket or subscription to a third party. Should you fail to respect the terms and conditions, whole or part of your €150 deposit may be debited.

How do I use the anti-theft device?

An anti-theft device is provided for use during very short stops.
To use it, pass the anti-theft device through the designated point on the bike and remove the key.
To unlock, place the key into the lock. If you are making a longer stop, we recommend you drop the bike off at your nearest station where the mechanisms offer greater security.
If your anti-theft device isn’t working, try pushing it as if you were locking it, and turning the key clockwise.

How do I make sure I’ve returned the bike correctly?

When you return your bike to the station, wait for the green light and listen for the two beeps that will follow. If the light does not turn green and you hear a continuous beep, your bike is not correctly locked up. You should follow the following instructions:

• Stand to the left of your bike with your left hand on the handlebars and your right hand on the saddle,
• Lift the bike by the saddle and pull it backwards,
• Reattach your bike to the attachment point, keeping one hand on the saddle and one on the handlebars.

If you have completed the procedure correctly, the light will go green.

If you have any doubts, log into the terminal and obtain a “bike return certificate”. If you can access one, you have returned the bike correctly! If not, the terminal will tell you “you have a bike on loan”.
Should you experience technical difficulties, you can use the terminal to confirm bike return. The return will be logged by the system. If the terminal doesn’t give you this option, call the customer service on 01 30 79 29 13.

How do I find spaces and available bikes?

There are several tools:
• Yellow Pages
• Mappy

Free Apps:
• AllBikesNow

What role does the self-service bike Mediator have?

The self-service bike mediator France is there to investigate your case. They seek a fair resolution to problems by facilitating dialogue, resulting in a clear, precise answer. Mediators are used in the case of persistent complaints, i.e two responses you judge insufficient provided against a single file. You can also involve the Mediator if you receive no response for two months.
Your request must be in writing to the following address: Médiateur VLS France, 17 rue Soyer, 92 523 Neuilly sur Seine or by email to