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7-day Ticket


You can either buy a 7-day ticket online or at the terminal of any “le vélo” station.

How to buy at a station?

 Go to the station terminal

1) Choose the “buy a ticket” option and then follow on-screen instructions

2) Choose a 4-digit PIN code required each time you want to rent a bike.

3) Proceed to payment and deposit* by bank card.

Once you have proceeded to payment, you will be issued a ticket bearing your ticket number. Make sure you keep this ticket safely.

How to buy a ticket online?

Go to “Access the service” on the home page and follow the instructions below.

1) Choose the 7-day ticket offer

2) Complete your personal information and choose a 4-digit PIN code to rent a bike and access “my account”

3) Proceed to payment and deposit* by bank card: it’s quick and totally secure.

Once you have proceeded to payment, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information required to access the service. Make sure you keep this email safely.

*When taking out a 7-day ticket, your bank card is registered for the deposit (150€). Should the General Terms and Conditions of Use not be respected (available on this website or displayed in stations), or should your bike not be returned within 24 hours, the deposit may be deducted in whole or in part.

How to know how long I have used the service for?

Print a receipt from the station terminal by entering your ticket number and PIN code. It will indicate your journey duration as well as the total cost (ticket cost + additional usage charges per journey above the first 30 minutes free of charge). The receipt is the only proof to provide in case of any claim.