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The Mediator

The Mediator

The purpose of mediation is to resolve disputes between the users of a service and the company that provides that service by negotiating out-of-court settlements. The role of the mediator for the self-service bicycle rental schemes in France – or Mediator VLS France – is to facilitate a dialogue between customers of the self-service bicycle rental scheme and Cyclocity, the JCDecaux Group subsidiary responsible for operating the rental system. There are several advantages for a customer to appeal to a Mediator rather than to take the matter to court: careful consideration of the complaint and of the specific context and circumstances, impartiality, and the fact that the service is free of charge.


 The Mediator VLS France only examines disputes related to self-service bicycle rental schemes in France.

The role of the Mediator is founded on a three-way commitment to impartiality, neutrality and independence. At the end of mediation, the Mediator gives his fair and impartial advice. The customer remains free to accept, or to refuse, the proposed solution to the dispute advanced by the Mediator. Cyclocity, however, is committed to always complying with the Mediator’s recommendations.

The Mediator for the Self-Service Bicycle Rental Scheme in France

Pierre Foulon was appointed Mediator VLS France for a 3-year period. He pursues his activities independently, in compliance with the mediators’ code of professional conduct.

"After serving as a lawyer at the Paris bar, I joined JCDecaux in 2004 and held various positions of responsibility in the Cities Relations Department. Thanks to my experience and knowledge of the self-service bicycle rental schemes, I have acquired a global and impartial view of the problems encountered and of ways in which the service is liable to malfunction. I undertake to use this insight in pursuit of equitable solutions."

The Cyclocity Mediator may be appealed

-       In the event of a long-lasting dispute with the complaints department and after all the usual complaints procedures has been exhausted, i.e. after two answers have been given for the same complaint that are deemed unsatisfactory by the user.

-       If no response is received from the complaints department within a period of two months.

-       In writing only or by  email

Mediator VLS France

17, rue Soyer

92 200 Neuilly-sur-Seine