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How do I subscribe?

To register, simply go to Click on “access the service” and complete the three simple steps:

• Choose the subscription that suits you best and how you would like to use it (le vélo Card or Transpass card),
• Input your personal information and accept the terms and conditions,
• Pay your subscription and deposit. The system accepts debit card or cheque.

If you use your Transpass card and choose to pay with a debit card, once your registration is accepted you will receive an activation code that will grant you instant access to the “le vélo” service.

How can I pay?

Payment is accepted as follows:

Debit card: EMV cards (Europay, Visa, Mastercard) with the exception of e-cards, American Express and Electron or Moneo cards are accepted. E-carte bleue cards have too quick an expiry on them and as such may not be used for deposits against annual subscriptions.

Cheque: 1 cheque payable to JCDecaux France for the required annual subscription amount, and a second cheque for €150, payable to JCDecaux France, covering the deposit (only cashed if terms and conditions are broken).

How do I buy a ticket from the terminal?

You can buy a 7 day-ticket from any of the “le vélo” stations. Go to one of the terminals and follow the onscreen instructions. Your ticket will be with you in minutes.
Your ticket number is requested each time you hire a bike. Keep your ticket (purchased at the terminal), or confirmation email (for online purchases) safe until “le vélo” has received any funds due to it.

Why would the terminal reject a payment?

When you buy a ticket at a terminal, a request is automatically lodged for an €150 pre-authorization. This amount is not taken from your account but rather reserved for a few days and made re-available 10 to 15 days after payment, depending on your bank.
To buy a short-term ticket, your daily limit must be equal to or greater than €150. If it is not, your payment may be rejected. This amount may be debited from your account in whole or in part if the general terms and conditions are not met, particularly if you fail to return a bike within 24 hours.

How does the deposit work?

If you pay by debit card: during payment, your card is pre-authorized. This pre-authorization is kept securely by our Ingénico© payment system. Should you change debit card or your card expire, you must update your “le vélo” account with your new details. For technical reasons, changing your bank details costs 1 euro, which is debited from your “le vélo” account and is refundable upon request.
If you pay by cheque: Two cheques are needed – one for your chosen subscription and a second for your deposit (€150), made payable to JCDecaux France. The deposit cheque is only valid for one year, and if you renew your subscription for another year, you must issue another cheque. You are also welcome to change payment method upon subscription renewal.

I returned my bike correctly, why have I been charged of €150?

If you bought a short-term ticket from a “le vélo” station, using an Electron, Moneo or Relays card, your card may have been debited with the deposit amount. This is a temporary debit (see your account terms and conditions). These types of cards do not allow pre-authorization of the type usually performed on the website.

Can I buy several tickets at the same time?

Yes. However, you should be aware that each time you buy a ticket, a €150 preauthorization is taken until you return the bike.
If you pay by Electron, Moneo or Realys at one of “le vélo” stations, you may be charged the €150 deposit. These card types do not allow preauthorization. If you want to avoid this, buy your tickets online.

Can I buy a ticket in advance?

You can buy tickets online. Tickets can be bought up to two weeks in advance.

How much do journeys cost?

“le vélo” is the perfect way to get around for short journeys. Whatever your subscription type (long-term subscription or ticket), you will have 30 minutes free every time you borrow a bike. You may make unlimited trips during your subscription year or during the validity period of your ticket. If you keep the bike longer than the free period, each additional hour is €0.50 for annual members and €1 for tickets users.

How old do I have to be to subscribe?

For safety reasons governing the size of the bikes, only persons aged 14 or older may use the bikes. For persons aged between 14 and 18, a legal guardian must give their consent. A consent form is available as part of the registration form online. Subscriptions for minors are only activated upon receipt of said consent form.